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The mission of this website is to study the safety and efficacy of genital warts treatments and to share our findings with sufferers who may be afflicted.

We have carefully researched and examined the latest therapies currently available to treat warts on the genitals which are caused by HPV infection.  Research was conducted to study the extent of relief as well as the rate of recovery pertaining to each remedy.  As a result of this research we are able to list those over the counter options that provide the lasting results that were claimed by the manufacturers.

Finding the right product is vital especially with genital warts, so each of our recommendations and reviews have been double checked to ensure that each one has been evaluated using our five step method.

  • Check ingredient potency
  • Research customer reviews
  • Measure proven results
  • Document side effects if any
  • Compare cost and effectiveness

Below we review the top 3 natural treatments. On many occasions they outperformed the leading prescription drugs that would normally be prescribed by a doctor.  Also, these solutions exhibited no side effects or adverse reactions.

#1 Wartrol


Wartrol is the latest homeopathic warts relief remedy that consists of an oral spray but it can also safely be sprayed on infected areas like the vagina or penis. Wartrol is documented to remove warts naturally without using any harsh synthetic chemicals or pharmaceutical medications.

This powerful homeopathic blend of potent ingredients has proven to work for cases ranging from mild to severe genital warts in both men and women. Wartrol gives significant results in the least amount of time without side effects.

Our research authenticates that it surpasses all anti-wart products currently available because it not only clears penile warts but also works for perianal and vaginal warts (also known as venereal warts). This treatment eradicates warts from the inside out and reinforces your body’s own natural defenses to prevent any future occurrences.

Recommended Usage:

Although you may achieve results as early as 5 weeks, the best and most lasting results can be achieved with the recommended six month program.

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#2 Naturasil

Naturasil takes a two part approach. It consists of Immune Renew capsules and Antiviral liquid. The ingredients of Naturasil Immune Renew capsules boost the immune system to help the body fight warts virus internally. The topical antiviral liquid is intended to remove the growths from the outside.

The reason we rank it at No. 2 is because we observed that significant numbers of users felt mild itching while others reported a burning sensation for a couple of hours after the application. There is also evidence that in a small amount of cases a few tiny warts reoccurred after a year.

Recommended Usage:

This remedy has to be used for at least 7 weeks before any noticeable results can be realized.

#3 Heal Warts

Heal Warts by Healing Natural Oils is a 100% natural formulation that contains no drugs or any other harmful ingredients.  It is a mild treatment free from side effects that works on small genital warts in males and females suffering from the affliction.

This remedy is effective for genital wart removal but contrary to the manufacturer’s claim “Heal Warts” doesn’t gives instant results. Also, in our research we found that because it is a relatively mild, it does not work for severe wart eruptions.

In comparison to Wartrol and Naturasil “Heal Warts” by Healing Natural Oils is not quite as effective. One should not expect any significant results with this remedy. However, Healing Natural Oils does offer a 100 day full money back guarantee.  If this treatment sounds better to you, it should be safe to give it a try.

Recommended Usage:

It should be used for at least 2-3 months on small warts to achieve any significant results.

Only three recommendations?

From our online research and surveys it shows that a large number of those afflicted have tried different home remedies, OTC cream preparations, freezing therapies and medications.  The question is, what really works and what is just garbage?  We let people vote on the different treatments on the market and tell us what worked or did not work for them. The feedback clearly showed that Wartrol, Naturasil and Heal Warts are the treatments that gave the best results followed by treatments that had mixed positive and negative reviews.

We have been approached my many companies to recommend their products, but we have had to turn down most of them. We only recommend products that can be authenticated by our research.

Prescription Drugs

The first line of treatment recommended by many doctors is prescription drugs. Your physician may prescribe one of the following drugs to help you manage your outbreaks:

  • Interferon: This is an immunomodulator, meaning it activates certain aspects of the immune system to help fight off viruses. Interferon is typically prescribed to patients who have hepatitis B or C. However, it’s also used to alleviate the symptoms of wart outbreaks.interferon
  • Oral Isotretinoin: Used to treat severe acne, this medication is sometimes prescribed off-label to get rid of warts. It’s a form of vitamin A that encourages skin to renew itself more frequently, leading to quicker shedding of warts.oral-Isotretinoin

It’s wise to be careful about using pharmaceutical drugs we have found them to cause unpleasant side effects. Interferon can cause flu-like symptoms such as fever and chills, muscle aches, hives, and a temporary decrease in white blood cell count. Oral isotretinoin can lead to joint or back pain, dizziness, drowsiness, nervousness, skin dryness or cracking, itching, and rashes to develop.

Surgical Options

Warts can be removed via several surgical options. These include:

  • Cryosurgery: The doctor uses liquid nitrogen to freeze the warts and then scrapes them off the affected area.
  • Laser Ablation: Warts are surgically removed using a laser beam. Doctors usually recommend this method when a large section of skin must be treated or multiple warts need to be removed.
  • Electrocauterization: Using a cauterization tool, the warts are burned off.

Surgery is a quick way to get rid of warts, but it’s not without its risks. Surgery commonly causes scarring and pain. Recovery takes a few weeks and many times multiple treatments are required to completely get rid of the warts. The cost of treatment can be very expensive if you don’t have medical insurance.

Home Remedies

If you prefer to use home remedies to get rid of the unsightly tiny growths, here are a few natural cures you can try:

  • Garlic: In addition to being a delicious herb, garlic has many health benefits. It helps lower cholesterol and high blood pressure. It also has antimicrobial and antibiotic properties that help shrink warts. Cut off a thin piece of garlic clove, put on the wart, and secure in place using a Band-aid. Let stay on overnight, remove and wash area with antiseptic soap. You can also eat garlic or take garlic supplements to boost your immune system.garlic-for-warts
  • Onion: These fragrant vegetables have anti-inflammatory, anticancer, and antioxidant properties that can help promote healing. To use on warts, cut an onion into slices and sprinkle with salt. Let the slices sit on a plate for approximately 8 hours and then dab the juice with a cotton ball and apply to affected area. You must be careful with this treatment because onion juice can aggravate sensitive tissues. If you experience skin irritation, rinse the area right away.onion-for-warts
  • Duct Tape: This is an unusual method to treat warts. To remove warts, cover them with duct tape and leave on for a few days. Remove and wash area thoroughly. Cover with more duct tape. Continue the process until the warts disappear.
  • Licorice Root: This substance has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for thousands of years to treat ailments such as asthma, hives, and heartburn. There are two ways you can use this herb. You can crush licorice root and apply it directly to the warts or you can take it as a supplement.licorice root for warts

Natural remedies such as these often do nothing to get rid of warts nor have they been clinically proven. Additionally, some of them can cause side effects. For example, licorice root is not good for people with high blood pressure because it can raise blood pressure. It’s important to consult with your physician to ensure it the remedy is safe for you to use.

How to get the most out of the product you choose?

Everyone reacts to treatments differently. However, it is important to remember a few things to get the best results:

  1. Regardless of which remedy you choose to get rid of genital warts, be sure to follow the directions included with the package on how and when to apply the product.
  2. Stick with the schedule, try not to miss applications. Warts are very obstinate and require continued attack to eliminate them forever.
  3. Maintain proper genital hygiene.
  4.  Wear under garments made of cotton. Though not necessary, you may also sprinkle talcum powder over your genital area to avoid excessive moisture.
  5. Eat healthy food.
  6. Avoid smoking and alcohol as they compromise immunity and blunt the effects of treatment.
  7. Avoid stress of any kind.
  8. Take some physical exercise.


You shouldn’t expect results overnight. Despite what product websites may claim, there is no “quick fix” for scar free oral or genital wart removal. We found that the best results were reported by individuals who used the products for at least 6 months consistently without missing any application. Obviously it will take time to see warts fall off even if they are tiny and flat.  However, our research shows that if you follow the advice suggested above, you can achieve better results faster.

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